Tuesday, 15 November 2011




 So, I've been a little quiet for a while, but I have been really busy marketing my new range from my Playfully Chic range. 

I always find it difficult to know what  to buy my loved ones as I want to try to buy signature pieces.  I figured I can't be the only person with this problem, hence the inspiration behind my own collection.

So, lets rewind a bit so you understand where Imani Renae Interiors currently stands.

On 28th September I had a product launch party at the Rag Factory in Shoreditch, which went off with a huge bang and the comments pertaining my work was truly humbling.

Following my event, I have gained the support from four retailers with some new ones set for the new year:

Where the Hat Is?  www.wherethehatis.com

Acolyte Home and Gifts http://www.acolytehomeandgifts.com/shop/category/199/Chic-by-Imani/

Bouf http://imanirenaeinteriors.bouf.com/products

Red Door Gallery http://edinburghart.com/index_content.html

I have also featured on From Britain With Love: http://www.frombritainwithlove.com/directory/homewares/furniture

Not forgetting my interview with Bouf: http://blog.bouf.com/
This was exciting as I was able to share a personal side to my company and how it all began.


Interior design has always been something I have enjoyed doing and from since going it alone I really have hit the ground running.

Though for a while I missed textile design and drawing and I figured this would be the perfect way to incorporate my designs with the services I offer.

I make a point of using high end materials, 100% cottons and re-claimed fabrics whilst all designs are digitally printed, with unique bow tie finishes, giving them a shabby chic edge.

I wanted to add the fun aspect to my designs and show a little humour, after all this is who I am in general so why not express that side of me in my work.  People invest in the person behind the brand first and foremost, so if potential clients like me, it helps to market and promote my brand and make the whole aspect of it all continuous, leaving no breaks.

Already the ideas are flowing for my new range which will be released in the Summer 2012 and I will launch it with a party and a beautiful twist. 

It will be set with new pieces of up-cycled furniture, wall transfers, wall coverings and soft furnishings.  So if you love the whole Playfully Chic look, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

This Up-cycled vintage bath piece is something I am amzingly proud of.  A great collaboration between my self and Reestore.  Beautifully mastered in to a French styled Chaise Longue with the printed uypholstery inspired my favourite icon Ms Hepburn designed by Imani Renae Interiors.

Each of my products are available from my retailers and can make fantastic Christmas gifts, or you may just wish to treat your self!

As proud as I am of my personally designed products, lest we forget about my interior design services.  Specialist in residential and commercial properties and I have really had some lush high end projects with some amazing results.

Proudly I have launched a new service, where I offer a one day consultation, I visit you with colour swatches and fabrics in tow.  I will spend time drawing out plans and creating mood boards, giving you the confidence to project manage the work yourself.

This then reduces the cost of hiring me to complete the project in it's entirety.

I am happy to offer advice and answer any queries relating to interiors, press or stockist enquiries, so please do not hesitate to contact the office.

It would also be great to receive your feed back too, after all this is part of the development process.

Come and say hello, I don't bite...promise!

An e-brochure is also available upon request.

Twitter: imanirenaeint
E: welcome@imanirenae.com
W: www.imanirenae.com
T: 020 8452 8085

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Funky Fresh Furnishings

Hello playful followers!

I've been away for a while, as I've been busy, busy playing catch with my own work.   I've developed an obsession with feel good, funky furnishings and have decided to place my own ideas in regards to what looks good.

The past couple of weeks have been spent researching and sketching out fresh, fabulous ideas and getting completely buzzed and eccentrically excited.

I had a really good meeting with my furniture manufacturer and we spent a good couple of hours bouncing ideas around and we really did feed well off each others energy and soon my vision will be coming to life.

Don't worry...I will keep you well informed and in the loop!

I have had SO much fun frisking the internet, books, galleries and twittering through Twitter for ideas.
Low and behold I found some gems!!!!

I love Patchwork anything and to fuse an eclectic range of prints with my most fave style of chairs couldn't really get any better than Kelly Swallow.

I love, love, love the Chesterfield Sofa and to amalgamate vintage and designer fabrics from the likes of Kenzo, Mulberry, amongst many others is surely heaven.

I am a massive fan of bold colours, patterns and classic styles and this really does add that much needed crunch to any interior space.

Kelly Swallow really knows how to create a cutting edge bit of chic to timeless classics and should be rewarded for having such amazing work.

If you're design conscious, get to know these priceless pieces of contemporary/vintage beauties.
I love a Chaise Lounge and to be honest I think every household should have one especially when it's designed with utter perfection.

I can feel the love and attention that's gone into every single piece of furniture designed by Kelly Swallow and I think this is what really brings a piece to life.

All those who feel the love and attention, say 'I'.  'I'!!!!!

 We love the range and we love you Kelly Swallow, keep bringing us the love of your furniture and we promise to show you love back.  In the mean time, we enjoy spreading the joy and lust from your pieces, so keep up the fabulous work and we look forward to indulging in further joys from your folio.

Jason Phillips Design adds a new type of funky to contemporary furniture and I devoured every piece on his website but my favourites had to be these dining chairs.

Beautifully quirky they add that much needed cutting edge style to furniture design.  I love all things different as they add that perfect focal point to your home and these chairs do simply that.

The Al Dente Dining Chair made from steel and glass are beautifully crafted to perfection.

some people, go for the feature wall, why not the feature dining chairs?  They know how to be cool and definitely set a fantastic trend of chic.

The thought process that have gone in to these pieces are amazing and I adore them.  I'm finding it hard to find just one perfect word to describe these, but to be honest I think they simply speak for themselves.

With these chairs you really can indulge in all things good...they are simply fantastico!

Here we have the dining table to match the eccentricity of the chairs and the love grows incessantly.
Together they carry the WOW factor and carry design to a completely new level.

When I saw these my creative juices really kicked in to gear and felt I had to share the power with you.

The only thing left to say is...enjoy!

Aaaah...The Cloud Lounge Chair...bellissimo! Made from fibre glass resin, they can bring all things orginal to your front room, office or even reception area.

This sofa is a real head turner and in a lot of ways, I wish I came up with the idea.  The style is awesome  and brings a force of difference.

The first thing I wanted to do when I saw these was to sit on them try them out.  Unfortunately, I was unable to do so, but I still look at them in complete admiration.

Anything unique in character is a winner for me and this sofa just ticks all of those boxes.

Bubble chairs have been around for decades and they act as a design that never seems to tire or fade.
Unfortunately I couldn't find the designer of these chairs, nonetheless, what craft?!

I really would have these hanging in my home and will one day have my own little rendition of this master piece.
They may not act as the most comfortable of chairs to sit in but the conversations that can spark from simply looking at them must be immense.

Design is a subject that can be under rated, but to me with out it, our world would truly be dull.  Most of the time we don't need words to describe what we like or what makes us tick and feel good.
I love all things creative and the excitement of all things new and beautiful just blows me away.

Forever inspired, my love for creativity lives on!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Playfully Chic Interiors Range

It's been incredibly busy and exciting for time Imani Renae Interiors as we've been tied up in creating for you. Our inspiration, our 'Playful Followers'.

We specialise in home styling but we also create and design our own range of soft furnishings, as in, cushions, wallpapers, furniture, bed linens etc...

Currently our own range of cushions are selling on www.welovecushions.co.uk and on www.nottheusual.co.uk

We'll be working along side the Raft Furniture Store situated in Cricklewood, Angel and Tottenham Court Road, producing a limited edition  pieces due to be launched and sold within their stores and on their website. 

Not only that, but it's coming up to the Summer time, where we love to be out, supping on a little Pinot Grigio or a Shiraz Rose.  So we thought, we'd love to meet our potential clients by holding a chic soiree where you can come and view our products first hand whilst enjoying the London vibes.

Already We have gained the interest from large high street retailers such as Debenhams and boutiques in Primrose Hill and Camden as well as on-line stores.

We will welcome you down too, to enjoy what we have to offer whilst having a drink and a chat and enjoying our  sweet sensational eclectic mix of smooth tunes.

Take a quick dip below in to the type of home styling we've previously been involved in.

We take pride in our work and we enjoy what we do and think it shows in our pieces.

We also want to hear your feedback, good or bad, after all this is the only way we can grow and keep designing our chic interiors for you, we want you to help us set the trend.   So join our mailing list by sending us a sweet hello to welcome@imanirenae.com. Or Follow us on twitter, www.twitter.com/imanirenaeint and on Facebook by typing in Imani Reane Interiors.

We'll be updating our blog with all kinds of things to do with interior along side a creative mix of things we love.  Fine wines, music, markets, art, everything!

Let us know what you love, so we can research and write about it too.

Until next time you playful crew, we'll catch up soon.


Playfully Chic x